My name's Daniel Payne and I work as the curator of the politics archives at LSE Library.

I'm a practising curator, an experienced librarian, and I'm working towards professional registration as an archivist with the Archives and Records Association (ARA). I am also a terrible website designer, as this terrible website attests.

I curate public exhibtions, research archives, catalogue collections, teach with archives, manage public events, and connect people and community groups with the Library's archives and special collections.

You can contact me at the following places:

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  • A Say in the End of the World: Solidarity and Nuclear Defence in the Cold War (in partnership with PhD student Gareth Bryant 2024).

  • Clothing this Naked Earth: Politics and the Planet (2023).

  • Vithal Bayajee Kadam: a promising student (2023 - online).

  • Women's International Thought (in partnership with external Leverhulme project on 0men and the History of International Thought, 2022).

  • "Educate. Agitate. Organise" Ambedkar at LSE (2021 - online).

  • The Power to Vote: The History of General Elections (2020 - postponed due to COVID).

  • Giving Peace a Chance: From the League of Nations to Greenham Common (2019).

  • What Does Brexit Mean to You? (2018).

  • Journeys to Independence: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (2017).

  • Oral History Projects


    Videos of Talks

  • Traces of South Asia: Working with Hidden Collections, for Research Libraries UK RLUK Inclusive Collections Inclusive Libraries seminar series, April 2024 YouTube

  • A roundup of some of the traces of Ambedkar on LSE campus Twitter

  • Which ex-LSE Professor has dressed The Who, worked for WHO, and ridden a camel topless? India, Pakistan and Ceylon Instagram

  • Green Party archives for World Earth Day, @LondonSchoolOfEconomics on Instagram, 22 April 2023. Instagram

  • Wangari Maathai for Women's History Month, @LSELibrary on Twitter, 3 March 2023. Twitter / X

  • Traces of History: Fragmentary Archives and Narratives in South Asia LSE South Asia Centre, 10 Nov 2022. YouTube

  • Internationalism and Human Rights. LSE Library 20 Dec 2021. YouTube

  • Pat Arrowsmith: A Life in Archives, LSE Library, 15 Sept 2021. YouTube

  • Ambedkar: Caste, Constitution, Gender. LSE South Asia Centre, LSE Library, DecolonisingLSE Collective. 30 June 2021 . YouTube

  • Stories from Feminist Peace Archives and How to Find Them LSE Library, 7 May 2021. YouTube

  • Mastodon